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Phillip H. Hoff

Trustee Emeritus (VLS Trustee from 1983-1999, Trustee Emeritus from 1999)

Burlington, Vt.

Hoff was born in Turners Falls, Massachusetts and graduated from Williams College in 1948 and from Law School at Cornell University in 1951. He saw combat action during World War II aboard the submarine, USS Sea Dog, in the South Pacific. He moved to Burlington, Vermont in 1951.

After being elected to the Vermont House of Representatives in 1960, in 1962 Hoff was elected Vermont's first Democratic governor since 1854. He was reelected in 1964 and 1966 and pioneered unprecedented environmental, development, and social welfare programs. Concerned about racial justice, he joined with New York Mayor John Lindsay to co-found the Vermont-New York Youth Project, which brought minority students from the city together with Vermont students to work on joint summer projects at several Vermont colleges. He was the first Democratic Governor in the nation to split with President Lyndon Johnson over the Vietnam War and later campaigned across the country in Robert Kennedy's effort to obtain the 1968 Democratic presidential nomination.

In the 1980s he returned to elective politics, serving three terms in the Vermont State Senate. He has also served in various advisory and honorary positions and as President of the Board of Trustees at Vermont Law School as well as continuing his work as a lawyer in private practice. In 1989, he was a co-founder of his current law firm, Hoff, Curtis, Pacht, Cassidy, Frame, Somers, and Katims, P.C.