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Some examples of Land Use Clinic projects include the following:

Photo of fish friendly culvert

Development Review Training Modules

Land use clinicians will develop training materials for volunteer municipal land use decision-makers. Project client is the Vermont Land Use Education and Training Collaborative, which includes the Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies, the Vermont Department of Economic, Housing, and Community Development, the Vermont League of Cities & Towns and the Vermont Planners Association.

Additional support has been provided by the Lake Champlain Basin Program under a grant from the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission.

Amendment of the Vermont Municipal and Regional Planning and Development Act

The wholesale reform of this enabling act in 2004 left a number of key technical corrections in its wake needing cleanup. Students will work with the legislative liaison of the Vermont Planners Association to ready a bill for this session and find sponsors. The clinic will follow its progress throughout the next legislative session.

Development of an Easement to Maintain River Friendly Culverts

Culverts, the pipes which allow water to flow under roads, often pose serious threats to fish by cutting off upstream access and their ability to spawn. Properly engineered culverts help maintain fish passage. Land use clinicians are developing easement language to require not only that
culverts are engineered in a fish‑friendly way but that replacement culverts also remain river friendly. Project partners include the Connecticut River Watershed Council.