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Secured Transactions


An examination of the structure of the law of security interests in personal property from both practical and economic perspectives.  The course covers the interests of all parties in secured transactions, particularly as a way of financing business.

Securities Regulation


A study of federal law and the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission concerning the registration, distribution and trading of securities, and legal and regulatory aspects of the securities industry.  The course considers the responsibilities and liabilities of issuers of securities, its officers and directors, brokers, attorneys, and other participants in the distribution and trading processes, as well as issues regarding "insider" trading.

Social Enterprise Law


Explores which legal rules can best further enterprises that are designed to engage in profit-making activities for the purpose of promoting social goals.  Will examine ways to define social enterprises; and ask whether traditional for-profit or non profit business forms can accommodate these dual mission companies or whether a new hybrid business form is needed.

Sports Law


An interdisciplinary course that provides students with both practical and theoretical approaches to legal issues that affect professional and amateur sports leagues, conferences, team, and players.  Topics include torts, antitrust, labor, agency, criminal, contract, immigration, and anti-discrimination laws.

Trademark and Unfair Competition


Provides students with a solid foundation in trademark, rights of publicity, advertising, and other state and federal law relating to the protection of commercial goodwill. Students will also be introduced to the practical aspects of interacting with the US Trademark Office and its administrative body - The Trademark Trial and Appeals Board.