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Family Law


Explores the legal and social issues arising from the development of assistive reproductive technologies. This interdisciplinary course is jointly taught by faculty from VLS and Dartmouth Medical School, and provides an opportunity for VLS and DMS students to share their approaches to the issue.  

GPP I - Domestic Relations

General PracticeFamily

This course is an introduction to the substantive law of domestic relations, including divorce, domestic violence, parental rights and responsibilities, child support, spousal maintenance, property settlements, tax consequences, and ethical considerations. Students in this course will also learn to: conduct an initial and follow-up interview of a client; draft a complaint and related documents; prepare and maintain a client file; counsel a client regarding one or more aspects of a divorce; negotiate the economic aspects of a divorce; draft a stipulation; and research and draft a short memorandum to the court. This course is required for all GPP certificate students.

Medlaw Seminar: Medical Legal Issues and our Changing Concepts of Reproduction and the Family


What is involved in the processes of in vitro fertilization, egg harvesting, and sperm donation, and how should the law respond?  Can conception and parenthood occur post-mortem, and if so, what are the legal consequences?  If a surrogate mother gives birth to a child, does the law consider her to be the mother?  Who should have access to assisted reproductive technologies-single mothers, same-sex couples, rich and poor alike-- and should the law regulate such an issue?  If these questions intrigue you, we invite you to enroll in this seminar.