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University of Seville, Spain

JD/Master in Spanish Constitutional Law

Vermont Law School offers a dual degree with the University of Seville, one of the top ranked universities in Spain. In just over three years, graduates receive a JD from Vermont Law School and a Master's degree in Spanish Constitutional Law from the University of Seville. Participants in this program must be fluent in Spanish, as all courses are in Spanish and the thesis must be written in Spanish.

The Master's program provides an in-depth examination of current and developing issues in constitutional law. Coursework involves both theoretical and practical approaches to this field, and provides a solid grounding in research and analysis. Courses integrate study of Spain's history into that of its present Constitution and its place within the European Union.

Courses in this program include: Theory of the State and of the Constitution; Fundamental Rights; Political Institutions in the Current Constitutional Frameworks; Sources of Law; Constitutional Justice; the European Constitution; the National Constitution and the European Union; and Constitutional History.

Students may apply for the program during the Spring semester of their first year at law school. The students participating in the program will spend two years at Vermont Law School, followed by a full year at the University of Seville. Those interested in the program should contact us at