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Accelerated Degree at Vermont Law School

Accelerated JD Program

Earn Your Law Degree in Two Years (and Save a Year's Tuition) 

Vermont Law School's Accelerated JD Program (AJD) offers an extraordinary opportunity for accomplished applicants to complete their law degree in just two years.  Qualified candidates can reduce the cost of their legal education by a third and reenter the workforce sooner.   

Accelerated students come to Vermont in the summer and take core courses with a select group of AJD classmates. In the fall and spring semester, they join their 1L peers, and are ready to take upper-level courses. AJD students participate in all student groups and are eligible for the Vermont Law Review or the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law.

The second summer, Accelerated JD students take advantage of Vermont Law School's world-renowned summer program.  They can specialize in Environmental Law, or design their own concentration in Energy Law, Dispute Resolution, or International Law. They can also choose to spend the summer as a student-attorney in our clinical programs.

"The AJD program is one of the most innovative actions that VLS is taking in response to concerns about the cost of legal education. It substantially reduces the cost of obtaining a law degree and allows students to enter the workforce a year earlier." —Mark Latham, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Accelerated students complete their JD and graduate the following spring semester.  Ready to sit for the bar in July, they return to work a full year ahead of peers in the regular program.

The cost for the accelerated JD program is the same as only two years of the traditional JD. In addition, AJD graduates save one year's living expenses. The Accelerated Juris Doctor offers only a summer start and students must be admitted directly into the track. 

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