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What Students and Graduates Say

An LLM in Energy Law will maximize the placement potential of graduates seeking work in the expanding energy field.

The program focuses on essential skills, knowledge, and perspectives that will make graduates "job-ready" to manage companies engaged in energy production, distribution, and conservation or to lead non-profit energy advocacy groups. Our graduates excel with a diverse range of employers, from leading law firms to government agencies like the EPA and FERC, from China to Hawaii.

The energy sector is highly diverse and rapidly evolving.  Many Energy LLM graduates will be entrepreneurs who literally create new jobs in the energy field.

Jack Sautter
"Vermont Law School is an opportunity to work with the best and brightest in the energy field."

Graham Jesmer
"Right now I'm involved with projects studying the legal and regulatory intersection with the smart grid and transmission."

Shannon Clarke
"The school connected me to the intellectual hub that spans from Burlington to Boston."

For more information about jobs following graduation from VLS and how the VLS Office of Career Services can help locate jobs, contact Vermont Law School
Office of Career Services
(802) 831-1243

Admissions and Financial Aid

Download the LLM Guidelines (PDF)