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Dispute Resolution Program

Sixth Annual Dispute Resolution Conference

6th annual professional skills programSince 2007, Vermont Law School has partnered with the top ranked dispute resolution program, the Straus Institute at Pepperdine, to offer a suite of workshops for professionals looking to enter the field or to sharpen their skills. In 2012, the East Coast Professional Skills Program will be offered in Woodstock, Vermont, from Thursday, September 20 to Saturday, September 22. Registrants can select from one of the following courses:

* STAR: A Systematic Approach to Mediation Strategies

* Tools of Mindful Awareness for Lawyers, Mediators, Negotiators, Judges, Arbitrators, and Managers

* Preventing Bad Settlement Decisions and Impasse Using Brain Science, Game Theory, Animated Communication, and Micro-Interventions

* Advanced Mediation: Skills and Techniques

* Mediating in the Red Zone: Raising Your Settlement Rate and Enhancing Your Market Share

* Transforming Distressed Systems: Tools to Manage Conflict and Resolve Disputes

* Strategic Negotiation Skills

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