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Environmental Law Center

Environmental Certificates

Students who wish to pursue a particular specialty within environmental law may obtain one of the following certificates. Certificates are a tangible indication that students have mastered a specific subject matter area.

Students in the JD, Master of Environmental Law and Policy (MELP), JD/MELP, LLM in Environmental Law, and JD/LLM in Environmental Law degree programs may pursue a certificate. Each certificate requires a minimum of 15 credits of coursework, and experiential learning or independent writing in the area of specialization.

Certificate in Climate Law
The Certificate in Climate Law addresses emerging U.S. and international law governing mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.

Certificate in Energy Law
The Certificate in Energy Law involves study of the law and policy relating to renewable energy development and the environmental problems associated with traditional energy production.

Certificate in Food and Agriculture Law
The Certificate in Food and Agriculture Law covers sustainable agriculture and food and the connections these systems have to the environment, energy, human and animal health, labor, and climate change.

Certificate in Land Use Law 
The Certificate in Land Use Law offers students training in the array of legal doctrines, practical techniques, and policy alternatives for addressing the use of public and private lands.

Certificate in Water Resources Law
The Certificate in Water Resources Law covers the complex set of federal and state laws addressing the use and conservation of water resources.