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Photo of family walking through woods in autumn."Defenders of the short-sighted men who in their greed and selfishness will, if permitted, rob our country of half its charm by their reckless extermination of all useful and beautiful wild things sometimes seek to champion them by saying that 'the game belongs to the people.' So it does; but not merely to the people now alive, but to the unborn people. The 'greatest good for the greatest number' applies to the number within the womb of time, compared to which those now alive form but an insignificant fraction. Our duty to the whole, including the unborn generations, bids us to restrain an unprincipled present-day minority from wasting the heritage of those unborn generations. The movement for the conservation of wild life, and the larger movement for the conservation of all our natural resources, are essentially democratic in spirit, purpose and method."

Theodore Roosevelt, "Bird Reserves at the Mouth of the Mississippi," in A Book-Lover's Holidays in the Open, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1916.


Research Forum

The CLI Research Forum is dedicated to sharing stimulating articles of a scholarly nature. The Forum also encourages intellectual discussion and debate amongst those most interested in our precarious climate.

Student Researcher Blog

The CLI Student Researcher Blog provides fresh, ongoing articles from the CLI team of student research assistants from both Vermont Law School and the University of Iowa. Check back frequently for new postings, and feel free to comment on the topics at hand.