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Composting Toilets: Regulatory Barriers to an Integrated Green Solution

January 25, 2010
Vermont Law School Land Use Institute, Tara Franey, presented this at the New England Water Environment Association's annual meeting in Boston. She covers the regulatory experience of two larger installations of composting toilets, examines the current regulatory climate in New England for these systems and makes recommendations for improvement.

View PDF of PowerPoint presentation.

View PDF of Tara Franey's Paper.

Presentation Cover ImageEnergy Efficiency Planning and Implementation

January 13, 2009
This powerpoint presentation has been shown in a variety of venues: the Vermont League of Cities and Towns conference in March 2007, Vermont Environmental Conference at VTC in fall 2008, the Planning Commissioner's Summer Retreat in 2009 and to regional planning commission staff in September 2009. Funded by the Windham Foundation, this training project for municipal land use decision-makers has been developed by Peg Elmer, Associate Director of the Institute, with assistance from Research Associates Kristen Hines and Kat Roos O'Niell. Other key contributors include Brian Shupe of Vermont Natural Resources Council and Paul Markowitz of the Sierra Club. It is intended to be downloaded and used broadly in Vermont. If you have questions about its content (the speaker notes are essential), need it in a different format or would like to request that Peg or a research associate accompany the presentation, please contact Peg via

Download the Energy Efficiency Planning and Implementation Powerpoint (5MB)

PDF CoverAlbert Vanderlaan Presents at Full Meeting of Vermont Land Use Education and Training Collaborative

March 17, 2009

Vermont Law School Land Use Institute Research Associate Albert Vanderlaan presented a discussion entitled "Training for Zoning and Planning Board Members: A Discussion About Mandatory vs. Voluntary Programs" to the full Vermont Land Use Education and Training Collaborative. The discussion was an effort to open communication channels between interested parties to spark interest in the prospect of making certification for zoning and planning officials mandatory in Vermont. Six states have legislatively mandated training and certification of zoning and planning officials, including neighboring Vermont. Albert offered the structures of the six states mandating training as well as two other states', Michigan and Iowa, perspectives using voluntary training programs. Further, the discussion included the benefits that would be gained in Vermont by passing such legislation, along with problems encountered in other states, and what would, and would not, work in Vermont. View PDF of PowerPoint presentation.

Survey PDF CoverDon Hayes Presents at the 2008 Vermont Housing Conference

November 18, 2008

Vermont Law School Land Use Institute Research Associate Don Hayes presented his findings from a survey that assessed the impact of local and state land use regulations on the development of affordable housing in Vermont. The survey was directed at affordable housing developers. Survey respondents were asked questions covering four broad areas: community support, local government review, the appeal process, and the Act 250 permitting process. Don’s presentation includes a summary of the survey results and a summary of stakeholder recommendations to reduce the impact the regulatory environment has on the development of affordable housing in Vermont. The presentation was given at the 2008 Vermont Housing Conference as part of a panel discussion on planning and zoning regulations in Vermont. The panel included Joss Besse of the Vermont Department of Housing & Community Affairs and Kathy Beyer from Housing Vermont, and Don Hayes. View PDF of PowerPoint presentation.