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This page features recent publications by the CLI Project Director, Associate Project Director, Faculty Researchers, Distinguished Advisors Panel, and Consultants Working Group members.

Recalibrating the Law of Humans with the Laws of Nature: Climate Change, Human Rights, and Intergenerational Justice

Cover image from Recalibrating the Law of Humans with the Laws of Nature.The Climate Legacy Initiative is devoted to bringing the law of government in line with the laws of nature. Its goal is nothing less than to change the way we think about our world – and the way our laws deal with a world rocked by climate change. The CLI’s new policy paper presents specific recommendations for achieving that goal.

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CLI Policy Paper Downloads

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The CLI Policy Paper

Appendix A – Background Papers

Appendix B – Recommendations

CLI PowerPoint Presentation


CLI Policy Paper Executive Summary

Professor Burns H. Weston, CLI Project Director

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Climate Change and Intergenerational Justice: Foundational Reflections

Professor Burns H. Weston, CLI Project Director
Published in 9 Vermont Journal of Environmental Law 375 (2008).

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Recent Developments in Australian Climate Change Litigation: Forward Momentum from Down Under

Professor Tracy Bach, CLI Associate Project Director and Justin Brown, CLI Research Assistant
This article has been accepted for upcoming publication in the Sustainable Development Law and Policy journal, Winter 2008 Climate Law Reporter issue.

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