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U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law

VLS Student Opportunities

The U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law has created a variety of opportunities for Vermont Law School students who are interested in Chinese and International Environmental Law.  From the U.S.-China Student Collaborative Research Fellowship to an exchange semester at China's top law school, from a weekly Mandarin language table on campus to summer internships in China and Asia, students are exposed to many opportunities to deepen their knowledge of China's environmental governance challenges, improve their Chinese language skills, and build useful connections for their future career in international environmental law.



U.S.-China Partnership Open House

The U.S.-China Partnership is hosting an open house on Monday, October 15 from 12:45PM to 2:00PM.  Lunch and traditional Chinese mooncakes will be served. Come join us!

U.S.-China Partnership Mandarin Table

Every Monday from 1:00PM to 2:00PM - U.S.-China partnership Conference Room
Pick up a free lunch from the cafeteria (up to $5.50/person) and come discuss China environmental topics in Chinese and in English!


This year's JRP students

Were selected:
- Abigail Barnes, to research on bottled water in China
- Jim Smith, to research on regulating industrial lead emissions
- Robin Seila, to research on baseline data in environmental impact assessment