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Center for Legal Innovation

Center for Legal Innovation

Vermont Law School’s Center for Legal Innovation is dedicated to helping create a future where innovation and entrepreneurial energy redefine legal education, the practice of law, and law itself. We have established a free space in which to re-envision what law can be, untethered from a fixation on what law now is.

While the Center for Legal Innovation has focused its early efforts on technology’s role in the evolution of legal education and practice, the center supports the exploration of other disruptive forces that impact the legal system and legal education. New initiatives may involve social, cultural, scientific or other transforming forces. The center supports both academics and entrepreneurs looking to engage the opportunities presented by these transformations.

Through the collaborative efforts of faculty, students, practitioners and industry experts, our current projects include researching ways to standardize contracts, transform legal education through distance learning and create transparency in financial transactions. We provide both a scholarly and practical environment for an exploration of what law is becoming and a platform to influence what law will be.