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Legal Writing Program


Faculty in the Legal Writing Program are experienced teachers with years of practical experience. They are actively engaged in the national legal writing academy. They serve on committees of national legal writing organizations, and frequently give presentations at legal writing conferences. All faculty in the program have published law review articles on legal writing and other topics. Here is a list of some of their recent accomplishments.

Greg Johnson  was awarded the Faculty Service Award by the Student Bar Association at Vermont Law School in April, 2014.  The award goes to a faculty member who "goes beyond the call of duty in leading students, being a mentor for students, attending student events, and generally making themselves available to students on a greater basis than required."   Greg serves as the chair of the Scholarship Grants Committee of the Association of Legal Writing Directors and published Credibility in Advocacy: Humility as the First Step in the Vermont Bar Journal in October, 2013.  He also gave the following presentations this academic year: Subject-Matter Specialties in Legal Writing: A Three-Dimensional Approach To Legal Writing Pedagogy (With Professor Susan Thrower, DePaul University School of Law and Professor Lance Long, Stetson University College of Law) at Legal Writing Institute Biennial Conference in Philadelphia, PA (upcoming) in June 2014 and presented "Circling Back": Integrating Essential Analytical and Communication Skills Through a Spiral Legal Writing Curriculum (With Professor Susan Provenzano, Northwestern University School of Law) at Southeastern Legal Writing Conference Stetson Law School in Gulfport, FL on April 2014.  He also presented First for a Reason: The Continued Vitality of the First Amendment in Supreme Court Jurisprudence, at Godnick Adult Center Lecture Series in Rutland, Vermont on February 2014 and Victory! The Future of Marriage Equality after Windsor v. United States Summer Pride Festival at Chandler Hall in Randolph, Vermont in July 2013.  His article, Spiralling Into Control: Appreciating the Groundbreaking Legal Writing Pedagogy of Professor Mary S. Lawrence, made the "Top Ten Download" list on four SSRN sites: Legal Writing eJournal; Rhetoric & Communication Research Network; Rhetoric Educator; and Writing Across the Curriculum.  The Legal Writing Institute honored Professor Lawrence with a lifetime achievement award at the AALS in New Orleans. The Institute asked Greg to draft the tribute for the event program. Greg presented the award to Professor Lawrence at the event.  He also spoke at the Biennial Conference of the Association of Legal Writing Directors in June 2011. His topic, The Feedback Loop: How Teaching Informs Scholarship and Scholarship Informs Teaching.  Greg was invited to speak about his experience working for Vermont Legal Aid at a panel entitled, "Public Interest Lawyering," at Dartmouth College on February 25. The event was hosted by the Dartmouth Law Journal 

Laurie Kadoch  earned certificate in Global Arbitration Law and Practice through a 6 week course of study at the School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary University of London sponsored with the Dispute Resolution Institute at Hamline University School of Law

 Brian Porto's  new article, New Rules for An Old Game: Recent Changes To The NCAA Enforcement Process And Some Suggestions for The Future, was in the Oregon Law Review (92 Oregon Law Review 101, Spring 2014).  Recently he presented, Improving The NCAA Enforcement Process, at Oregon Law Review Symposium and also presented, The NCAA's Restitution Rule: Bulwark Against Cheating Or Barrier To Appropriate Legal Remedies? at Roger Williams University Law Review Symposium.  His new book, The Supreme Court and the NCAA: The Case For Less Commercialism and More Due Process in Commercial Sports, with The University of Michigan Press (2012).  Professor Porto also spoke on February 20th to a group of visiting Egyptian professional, including lawyers, about American election law and American politics.  The group was in Vermont on a State Department-sponsored visit hosted by the Vermont Council on World Affairs.