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Bar Exam Loans

Bar Exam Loans are special loans designed by private lenders specifically for third-year law students who are planning on sitting for a bar exam shortly after graduation and are looking for assistance in paying for exam-related expenses.

Bar Exam Loans are different than the loans that students borrow to pay for law school. The cost of attendance for third-year law students cannot include expenses for bar exam preparation. Students who want to borrow funds to pay for bar exam preparation activities must apply for a Bar Exam Loan from a private lender since federal loans cannot be used to fund these expenses. Students should contact the lender of their choice, either on the web or by phone, to find out more about their Bar Exam Loan programs. Please be advised that lenders will most likely run credit checks on applicants and if the applicant is denied the loan, they will most likely then need a credit-worthy co-signor who has lived and worked in the United States for at least two years.

Listed here are the lenders we found who offer Bar Exam Loans.