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Blake Johnson '12 Wins National LGBT Bar Association Seat

September 1, 2010

Blake Johnson '12 was elected  as national student co-chair at the National LGBT Bar Association Conference, also known as "Lavender Law", on Aug. 28-29 in Miami. He will serve a two-year term as a voting member on the National LGBT Bar Association Board, where he will advocate for the LGBT Bar at the American Bar Association level. He will attend at least three LGBT Bar/ABA Bar meetings per year and teleconference to other meetings and will have a working role in the LGBT Bar's 2011 conference in West Hollywood, Calif.  Johnson said the seven VLS students who attended the 2010 conference made up one of the larger law school presences at the event. He said they likely will see second-summer interviews and employment in various job markets as a result of their stellar performance. Johnson also is VLS Alliance co-chair and a VLS Class senator for 2010-2011. Read more about the National LGBT Bar Association.

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