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Van der Lande '12, Foy '12 Win First Place in Lawyering Meet

February 19, 2012

Vermont Law School's Ashley Van der Lande '12 and Phil Foy '12 won first place Feb. 17 in the third annual New England Regional Transactional Lawering Meet.

They represented a fictitious client negotiating an employment agreement. The victory resulted from two months of work, including term-sheet drafting, mark-ups and the rounds of face-to-face negotiations at the meet. Their style, "cordial, yet firm," was noted by the judges.Image of law books

The event took place at Western New England College of Law in Springfield, Mass. Next month, Van der Lande and Foy move up to the national meet at Drexel University's Earle Mack School of Law in Philadelphia.

The Transactional Lawyering Meet is the premier "moot court" experience for students interested in transactional practice. During the meet, students work in teams to draft a transactional agreement and to negotiate its provisions with opposing student teams. Teams are judged by a panel of experts from practice who evaluate the teams' success in achieving the goals of the parties to the transaction. The types of agreement and transaction vary from year to year but present essential challenges in transactional problem solving. This year's challenge involves the negotiation of an executive employment agreement for a new chief executive officer. Teams need to combine lawyering skills, drafting, a knowledge of contract, corporate and other facets of business law and business sense to develop innovative solutions for structuring the transaction.

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