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Aslan '13 Analyzes Energy Efficiency in Two Articles

February 14, 2012

Vermont Law School student Jeff Aslan '13 recently published two articles exploring efforts to improve energy efficiency.

Image of electrical tower"How Much Energy Does Your Building Use?" which appeared in the Conservation Law Foundation's blog, discussed two bills, H-497 and S-143, being considered by the Vermont Legislature. The bills would require sellers of buildings to provide information about a building's efficiency.

The second article, "Revenue Decoupling in the Northeast," was a NEEP policy brief that delved into revenue decoupling, a rate mechanism intended to remove the disincentive for utilities to be active leaders in driving energy efficiency programs by untying revenues from the units of energy sold.

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) is a nonprofit organization accelerating the efficient use of energy efficiency in homes, buildings and industry across the Northeast U.S. through regionally coordinated programs and policies.

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