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Changala, Foley Analyze Legal Issues for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

September 19, 2011

Energy Law Journal's spring 2011 issue had an article by Vermont Law School students Danielle Changala '13 and Paul Foley '10 that analyzed how plug-in hybrid electric vehicles can be integrated into existing legal regimes for the regulation of electricity.

Image of electric carUsing Vermont as a case study, they identified the key legal issues that must be resolved for widespread fleet penetration of PHEVs to be achieved. The issues involve integrated resource planning and transmission cost allocation for PHEVs‘ anticipated cumulative impact on base load and peak electric demand; statewide charging infrastructure development; and integration with the smart grid.

Changala and Foley concluded that such a legal analysis should be used to inform economic modeling of PHEV fleet penetration both in Vermont and nationwide.

Read the article.


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