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A student and her dog studying on the steps of Waterman Hall.

Student Life

Life at VLS is vital, engaging, and rich—within the academic context and beyond it. Diverse and full of energy, our community has broad and varied interests leading to organizations and activities that range from lobbying Congress or working on an internationally important environmental case to Ultimate Frisbee, hiking trips, ballroom dancing, and rugby. We have a remarkably active campus offering daily events—many initiated by students—that enrich the in-class experience. You will find opportunities to work on a law journal, have dinner with a U.S. senator, join an environmental clean-up project, attend a panel discussion with a federal judge, go snowboarding, jump into a pick-up soccer game, or sample outstanding cuisine at a cultural social event.

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Vermont Law School transfer students discuss their experience at VLS.

Like many of our students, you may choose to live near campus, increasing your ability to participate—and VLS provides a helpful database of housing options. Our students organize special events and networking support for partners and family members who have joined our community. We also offer on-campus daycare for the VLS community.

The VLS experience is captured firsthand in our student blogs, which will engage you, enlighten you, and help you learn more about the school and our community.

Message from the Dean of Students

Learn about the functions and goals of the office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity.

Dean's Scholars

President and Dean Geoffrey Shields has invited a diverse group of accomplished first-year students to attend seven dinner seminars with faculty and distinguished guests. These evenings provide a rare opportunity to explore critical issues of our day in an interactive setting with leading thinkers.

Student Profiles

Who will you find at VLS, where do they come from and where are they headed? Meet some of our students and discover their stories.
VLS Rugby team.

Organizations and Activities

Beyond your studies, you will find clubs to join or start, group or individual sports, community service opportunities, and seminars with prominent visiting speakers and scholars.


We maintain a list of available housing—from single rooms to whole houses—for the benefit of VLS students. Some units are walking distance from the school, and most are within a 30-mile radius.

For Families and Partners

VLS is committed to making students’ families and partners a vital element of our community. Our very active Partners' Group organizes social gatherings, job networking, and monthly dinners.