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Dean's Scholars

This year President and Dean Marc Mihaly has invited a diverse group of accomplished first-year students to attend several dinner seminars with faculty and distinguished guests. These evenings provide a rare opportunity to explore critical issues of our day in an interactive setting with leading thinkers on our faculty and from our local community.

Professor Gus Speth and Vermont Law School's Dean's Scholars discuss some of the hottest issues facing the world today.

In addition, the dean’s scholars benefit from getting to spend intensive time with a small group of students from a wide range of perspectives and life experiences. This year’s scholars have lived in South Africa, British Columbia, East Germany, Virginia, Hungary, Panama, Romania, Georgia, Washington, Rwanda, near the Arctic Circle, and in other places around the globe. They have worked, for example, as teachers, researchers, urban planners, archaeologists, sustainability coordinators, and legislative interns.