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Becky Wigg , MELP 2011

A photo of Becky Wigg
Professor Dworkin expected us to become energy experts. So we did.”

Becky Wigg seriously considered a JD. Looking at law school curriculums, she realized it was the 2L and 3L years at Vermont Law that had all of the courses she was excited about. "I found that my path wasn't leading to the practice of law. What I really wanted was a master's degree specializing in energy regulation and energy law. I chose Vermont Law School because it gave me all that I wanted." 

 Earning her Master of Environmental Law and Policy and a certificate of specialization in energy, Becky graduated with the information and tools that she needed to be a policy advocate in the energy field. "That one year at VLS was transformative," she says. "The Energy Writing course with Professor Dworkin taught me writing and presenting skills I use every single day at work."  As a master's candidate, Wigg worked at the Institute for Energy and the Environment as one of the famous "Energizers."  She says that hands-on work at the Institute was integral to her education and career.

Vermont Law gave me the knowledge and confidence to be assertive with my ideas about energy policy. Professor Dworkin expected us to become energy experts. So we did. To match wits with him and hold my own was empowering."

The energy sector is constantly changing. Becky Wigg's advice:  "To be an energy expert you need deep, specialized education. You also need to be taught by faculty who are on that cutting edge of the field, who know that continuous education and adaption are essential. Vermont Law School is the place to find them."