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James L. and Evelena S. Oakes Hall, Vermont Law School's Award-Winning Classroom Building

Vermont Law School's James L. and Evelena S. Oakes Hall is located along the banks of the scenic White River. The teaching facility, which opened in the fall of 1998, incorporates the latest electronic and distance — learning technology and demonstrates environmentally sound construction and operation.

The $3.25 million project includes over 23,500 square feet of furnished space, making it second in size only to the law school's Julien and Virginia Cornell Library. It is home to eight classrooms, including three 100-seat classrooms, one 85-seat classroom, one 50-seat classroom, and three 25-seat classrooms. Other key features include a mock courtroom and a student lounge with a fireplace and a large, outdoor deck overlooking the river.

Rolf Kielman designed the three-story building. His firm, Truex Cullins & Partners of Burlington, Vt., also designed the Cornell Library. H.P. Cummings Inc. of Woodsville, N.H., managed the construction, and environmental consultant Marc Rosenbaum of Meriden, N.H., has been involved in the project since its inception.

Oakes Hall is linked to both Whitcomb House (the faculty office building) and to the historic Debevoise Hall. A new pavilion connects Debevoise and Oakes Hall.

Jim Svendsen, project superintendent for H.P. Cummings Inc., said, "It was a great project and I hope to build at this level of quality again in the future. Everyone who plans to construct or design a building should see this one. It's proof that buildings of exceptional quality are doable for a competitive cost."

At the time of it's completion, then Associate Dean for Finance and Administration Robert A. Foose said, "the project proceeded on schedule and within budget. The building is operating efficiently and is providing an excellent learning environment for our students."

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