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SSRN- Legal Scholarship Network

SSRN- Legal Scholarship Network

What is SSRN?
Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is devoted to the rapid worldwide distribution of research facilitating communication among authors and their readers. SSRN’s vision is to create a way for scholars to share and distribute their research worldwide long before their papers work through the journal refereeing and publication process.

SSRN is composed of a number of specialized research networks, including the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN), which allows authors to upload papers without charge. Any paper an author uploads to SSRN is downloadable for free, worldwide.

  • 100,000 authors have uploaded their papers and abstracts to SSRN, and users have downloaded nearly 16 million full text documents (currently running at approximately 4 million downloads per year).

How SSRN works:
SSRN allows authors to have individual pages hosting just their own work and it also allows institutions to have a page reflecting the work of the entire academy.

  • Vermont Law School has created one e-journal within SSRN, and one Research Paper Series:

1) Natural Resources Law & Policy (VLS Editors: Jason Czarnezki or Marc Mihaly)
2) Vermont Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series (VLS Editor: Oliver Goodenough)

Vermont Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series:

The Research Paper Series is our general purpose e-journal, and is open to posting of current scholarly work by the entire faculty.

The easiest way to get your work into the Research Paper Series and your author page is to contact Chenfang Yang (x1445) in the libray. Editorial questions on whether the work is appropriate for this outlet should be referred to Oliver Goodenough (x1231).

  • Chenfang can submit to the e-journal and your author page.
  • Chenfang cannot make changes or even see your author page profile but your work will be sent to that page when she submits your work.
  • For each article, you will need to prepare and submit an abstract.
  • New material to the VLS Legal Studies Research Paper Series is also sent out in emails on a regular basis.
  • As a VLS faculty member you should automatically be receiving these emails, but if you are not, please contact Chenfang Yang.
  • These directions will help you access or create your SSRN account.

Posting Older Material and Copyright:

Older work can also be posted, if only to your own faculty page (Older being defined as not within the past academic year). Even work that was already published by a law review is often open to posting – check with the law review in question for its policy; ask for copyright permission. Vermont Law School and SSRN encourages the building of a scholarship repository. Chenfang is able to provide flexible support regarding older postings. Ideally, you would begin by selecting your best work, verifying copyright for SSRN posting and then submitting the item to Chenfang.

As we move forward with this effort you may consider being more proactive regarding copyright. To assist you in this process we have provided access to the Copyright Amendment Form which grants:
"...the Author shall also have all the non-exclusive rights necessary to make, or to authorize others to make, the final published version of the Article available in digital form over the Internet, including but not limited to a website under the control of the Author or the Author’s employer or through any digital repository, such as the Social Science Research Network (SSRN)."