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Why Hire From VLS?


VLS Students are Diverse, Dedicated, Accomplished, and Experienced

VLS students receive a strong background in traditional legal studies, often with a specialization in environmental or international law. In addition, many of our students take advantage of our full-time Judicial Externship and Semester in Practice programs, which provide opportunities to gain hands-on experience working for a federal or state court judge or with an attorney mentor in a firm, agency, or non-profit organization. . This combination of academic preparation and experience allows our students to work effectively on a range of issues in a global market.

VLS Has a Top-Ranked Environmental Program

U.S. News & World Report consistently names VLS as having one of the best environmental law programs in the nation. VLS has been ranked first in the nation ten times since the environmental specialty rankings began in 1991, and has never placed lower than second.

Employers are Satisfied

“VLS students are talented, energetic, committed, and willing to work extremely hard to produce, as well as pleasant and easy to work with, all of which combine to make them ideal additions to any legal team, especially when deadlines are short and pressures are high.” – Kathryn Macdonald, trial attorney, USDOJ ENRD, Environmental Enforcement Section