Jameshttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=396JamesGlobal Energy Fellow<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/James_Mark2.jpg" width="400" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Mark JamesGP0|#c16977de-d127-442c-843f-44ae857f1039;L0|#0c16977de-d127-442c-843f-44ae857f1039|Fellow;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1James,MarkMark is a Global Energy Fellow and a LL.M in Energy Law candidate in the Institute for Energy and the Environment. Mark leads the SunShot Plug and Play team on a project to commercialize a new adhered solar PV panel technology. Mark holds a JD with a specialization in environmental law from the University of Ottawa where he researched carbon taxation, environmental justice, and the relationship between climate change adaptation and securities law. He is also the co-founder of the Canadian Association of Environmental Law Societies, a national environmental law student group connecting Canadian environmental law students.
Jerveyhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=459JerveyEnergy and Climate Media Fellow<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Jervey_Ben.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Ben JerveyGP0|#c16977de-d127-442c-843f-44ae857f1039;L0|#0c16977de-d127-442c-843f-44ae857f1039|Fellow;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Jervey,BenjaminBen is a writer and editor covering climate, energy, and environment, and has joined the Institute as Climate and Energy Media Fellow. He was the original Environment Editor at GOOD Magazine and his work has appeared regularly in National Geographic News, OnEarth, and DeSmogBlog. He recently worked with the non-profit Focus the Nation to publish an Energy 101 primer. When living in New York City, he wrote a book, The Big Green Apple, on how to live a lower impact life in the city. He graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies from Middlebury College. A bicycle enthusiast, Ben has ridden across the United States and through much of Europe.
Mastorhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=453MastorLLM Global Energy Fellow<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Mastor_Roxana.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Roxana-Andreea MastorGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Mastor, Roxana-AndreeaRoxana-Andreea Mastor received her LL.B degree from the University of Bucharest in Romania. Upon graduation, Roxana has continued her studies at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, graduating in 2013 with an LL.M in International Law. During her studies she has also gained experience in public state institutions, international renowned banks and international law firms. Additionally, her studies and work experience have always worked hand in hand with her extra-curriculum activities ranging from Model United Nations, Model European Union, several positions in law related NGOs to student exchange programs in United States of America.
Schiebhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=457SchiebGlobal Energy Fellow<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Laura%20Schieb.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Laura SchiebGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Schieb, LauraLaura is a Global Energy Fellow, and team leader of the Energy Clinic within the Institute for Energy and the Environment; she is pursuing an LLM in Energy Law. She received her JD from Vermont Law School (VLS) in 2014. While at VLS, Laura considered the nexus between a changing climate and individual and national security, and recognized the role of renewable energy resources to address climate change in a meaningful way. As a law student, Laura contributed to the Middle East Environmental Law project, participated in the Nonprofit Board Fellows Program, served as a student clinician in the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic, and interned at the South Royalton Legal Clinic.
Sidortsovhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=465SidortsovSenior Global Energy Fellow<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/R.%20Sidortsov%20fall%202014%20%282%29.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#bc84429d-f6bc-48f9-88a1-ffd79cc210fc;L0|#0bc84429d-f6bc-48f9-88a1-ffd79cc210fc|Distance Learning;GTSet|#8ed8c9ea-7052-4c1d-a4d7-b9c10bffea6f;GP0|#27981817-21b8-4cad-834e-6411629898de;L0|#027981817-21b8-4cad-834e-6411629898de|Institute for Energy & The EnvironmentRoman SidortsovGP0|#c2a7fe3f-9c83-4b80-a897-4cdfc9b33391;L0|#0c2a7fe3f-9c83-4b80-a897-4cdfc9b33391|Adjunct Faculty;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Sidortsov,RomanRoman Sidortsov serves as a Senior Global Energy Fellow at the Institute for Energy and the Environment at Vermont Law School (VLS) and teaches oil and gas development and renewable energy courses in the distance learning and summer programs. He is also a doctoral researcher at the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Mr. Sidortsov has taught at Irkutsk State Academy of Law and Economics in Russia and at Marlboro College Graduate School’s Managing for Sustainability program in the United States. Prior to returning to academia, Mr. Sidortsov practiced law in Russia as in-house counsel for an American non-profit organization, and in the United States as a transactional attorney.

 Research Associates

IEE student researchers work on some of the most pressing energy concerns the world faces today, including energy self-reliance, carbon sequestration, and renewable energy sources.



Bainhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=445BainJD/MERL 2017<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Bain_Kelsey.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Kelsey BainGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Bain, KelseyKelsey graduated from Tulane University where she majored in ecology and evolutionary biology. During her undergraduate career she worked with various non-profits around the New Orleans area. Specifically, after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 she worked with the Audubon Institute in a partnership with US Fish and Wildlife rehabilitating oiled sea turtles and pelicans. She also worked as a lab assistant at the Audubon Center for the Research of Endangered Species assisting with in vitro fertilization techniques for endangered feline species.
Barnowskihttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=446BarnowskiJD 2017<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Barnowski_Sara.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#27981817-21b8-4cad-834e-6411629898de;L0|#027981817-21b8-4cad-834e-6411629898de|Institute for Energy & The Environment;GTSet|#8ed8c9ea-7052-4c1d-a4d7-b9c10bffea6fSara BarnowskiGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Barnowski, SaraSara graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010 with a BS in environmental engineering and a minor in environmental public policy. As an undergraduate, Sara helped establish a student-operated laboratory for the production of biodiesel from waste vegetable oil produced on campus. Sara also served as the undergraduate representative on the Energy Education Task Force, which developed and implemented an energy minor at MIT. Sara earned her MS in environmental engineering and science from Stanford University and then worked for the Carbon War Room where she was a member of the Energy Efficiency Operation. Following that, she was a Senior Analyst at CoEfficient, LLC, a start-up company that managed commercial and industrial energy efficiency projects, which used future energy savings to pay for the deployment of high-efficiency technologies. Sara is now pursuing her JD at Vermont Law School with emphasis on energy and natural resources law and business law.
Corteshttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=461CortesLLM Candidate 2016<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Cortes_J.%20Douglas.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />J. Douglas CortesGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Cortes, J. DouglasImmediately prior to joining the IEE and commencing studies for an LL.M. in Energy Law from Vermont Law School, Doug worked on the development, construction, and operation of a public-private-partnership recycling facility in Puerto Rico where he became keenly interested in renewable energy and overcoming energy challenges. Upon receiving his J.D. in 2003 from Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX), he was appointed as special law clerk for the Mirant Energy bankruptcy case to the Honorable D. Michael Lynn at the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas. Thereafter, he worked for 10 years as a bankruptcy attorney representing debtor, creditor, and Chapter 7 Trustee clients in commercial and consumer bankruptcy cases. Doug received his B.S. degree in 1994 from the University of the State of New York (Albany, NY) and was a project manager and IT consultant in the aviation and transportation industries, among others. He speaks fluent Spanish and has lived, worked, and extensively travelled throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. He is admitted to the State Bar of Texas and the United States District Courts for the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas and the District of Puerto Rico.
Duffhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=471DuffMELP Candidate 2016<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Duff_Emily.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Emily DuffGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Duff, EmilyOriginally from South Burlington,Vermont, Emily graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in environmental studies and history. As an undergraduate, she interned for the student nonprofit WISPIRG and volunteered at the Natural Heritage Land Trust of Dane County, Wisconsin. Following graduation, Emily taught English in Thailand and traveled throughout Southeast Asia. Traveling abroad reaffirmed her passion for the environment and commitment to creating a more sustainable world. To accomplish this, Emily will receive a Master of Environmental Law and Policy degree from Vermont Law School.
Freemanhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=401FreemanMELP 2012, JD Candidate 2016<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Freeman_Gregg.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Gregg FreemanGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Freeman,GreggGregg Freeman has significant experience in the energy efficiency and renewable energy fields. After receiving a Master’s degree in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School in 2012, Mr. Freeman worked as a policy intern in the “High Performance Buildings” department at Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) in Lexington, Massachusetts. After NEEP, Mr. Freeman managed a crew of insulation and weatherization technicians at Next Step Living in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Freeman also worked as a Policy Analyst at the New England Clean Energy Council where he assisted with a recommendation on procurement of offshore wind projects in New England.
Ganhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=405GanJD/MELP Candidate 2016<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Gan_Michael.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Michael GanGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Gan,MichaelMichael graduated with a BS in Economics, French, and Environmental Studies along with a minor in Business Studies from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. While there, he developed recommendations for Veolia Environmental Services on how to improve sustainability in their daily operations as well as their corporate culture. Working with a group at the Nelson Institute in partnership with the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability, he analyzed the environmental and financial sustainability of using reusable flatware vs disposable, using the student union as a case study. He is currently pursuing his JD and MELP at Vermont Law School.
Heverlyhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=479HeverlyMERL Candidate 2016<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Heverly.Paige.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Paige HeverlyGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Heverly, PaigePaige Heverly recently graduated from Green Mountain College (GMC) with dual majors in environmental studies and renewable energy and ecological design and minors in regenerative agriculture design and animal studies. In her time at GMC, she worked with a group of students to design and build a solar charging garage for the campus farm's electric truck. Paige also served as an officer in the Student Campus Greening Fund, a student-run organization that funds sustainable projects across the Triple Bottom Line. Paige wants to empower communities to achieve energy independence. She is passionate about closed-loop systems, energy efficiency, renewable energy development, anaerobic digesters, and resource management. When she's not playing ultimate frisbee, Paige works in the Energy Clinic at the Institute and is the Master's Senator for the Energy Law Society.
Huebnerhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=448HuebnerJD/MERL Candidate 2017<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Huebner_Heather.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#27981817-21b8-4cad-834e-6411629898de;L0|#027981817-21b8-4cad-834e-6411629898de|Institute for Energy & The Environment;GTSet|#8ed8c9ea-7052-4c1d-a4d7-b9c10bffea6fHeather HuebnerGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Huebner, HeatherHeather graduated from Lawrence University in 2011, with a BS in Environmental Studies (Policy Track) and Spanish and an interdisciplinary degree in International Studies (Latin American Politics). She has significant experience in environmental laboratories, including VOC, GRO, DRO, TPH, and MEE preparation and gas chromatography analysis. During an internship with the Legal Atlas, Heather researched international environmental legislation and environmental impact assessments. She also worked as a legal assistant at a small law office before coming to law school. At Vermont Law, she is a JD/MERL candidate for 2017 and pursuing the Business Law Certificate. She is a Co-Chair of the Business Law Society and active in hiking.
Jihttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=463JiJD/MERL 2017<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/WenhuiJi.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Flora Wenhui JiGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Ji, Flora WenhuiFlora graduated from Boston University where she majored in broadcast journalism and minored in Economics. She then joined the Associated Press Beijing bureau before coming to VLS. During her time at AP, Flora contributed to a wide range of stories on corrupted officials, natural disasters, air pollutions and changes in social policies. Flora believes that people's daily life is deeply impacted by what's going on in the energy industry. She wants to learn on how to address climate change through through law and policy. Flora also wants to use her legal skills to advise clients with their environmental and energy issues. Her interests are primarily energy efficiency, renewable energy use and the smart grid. the She is currently pursuing her JD and MERL at Vermont Law School.
Krickhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=449KrickJD/MERL Candidate 2017<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/ashley_krick.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#27981817-21b8-4cad-834e-6411629898de;L0|#027981817-21b8-4cad-834e-6411629898de|Institute for Energy & The Environment;GTSet|#8ed8c9ea-7052-4c1d-a4d7-b9c10bffea6fAshleigh KrickGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Krick, AshleighAshleigh Krick graduated in 2014 from James Madison University with a BS in public policy administration with minors in environmental studies and sociology. While at James Madison, Ashleigh conducted research on mountaintop removal, seeking to understand the issue and possible solutions. This research sparked Ashleigh's love and interest for energy law and environmental justice, which brought her to the Institute for Energy and the Environment. Through her education, Ashleigh seeks to address the future of America's ever growing energy demands. Ashleigh is currently pursuing her JD and Masters of Energy Regulation and Law from Vermont Law School.
LaPortahttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=460LaPortaMELP Candidate 2016<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/LaPorta_Lorie.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Lorie LaPortaGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1LaPorta,LorieLorie graduated with a BS in sustainable management from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 2013. As a student she participated in the Sustainable Committee at Winona State University which recommended sustainability practices to the food service corporation on campus. Her community efforts included support for halting the sand mining of regional bluffs and the promotion of rooftop gardens to the Sustainable Department of the city of Winona. While attaining her MELP degree, Lorie plans to research and advocate for alternative energy sources, be a voice for others, answer the question of “how” in terms of sustainability, and learn French.
Landahttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=469LandaResearch AssociateMackenzie LandaGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Landa, MackenzieMackenzie received her BA from Emory University in 2011 with a double major in philosophy and political science. She received her JD from Florida State University College of Law and graduated cum laude in 2014 with a certificate in environmental, energy and land use law. While in law school, she was on the Journal of Environmental and Land Use Law and interned at Earthjustice, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and Meyer Glitzenstein & Eubanks, an environmental and wildlife protection law firm. After graduating from law school, Mackenzie worked as a criminal prosecutor. She is currently pursuing an LLM in Environmental Law.
Limberryhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=374LimberryMERL 2014, JD Candidate 2017<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Limberry_Arnell.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Arnell LimberryGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Limberry,ArnellArne earned a BS in Geographic Information Systems from the University of Maryland, College Park, with focused study in biodiverisity, ecological anthropology, and government & politics. While at Maryland, he received an academic citation from Civicus, a living and learning program based on a mixed curriculum of community building coursework and volunteer service learning projects. Arne also worked extensively for the Maryland Fund for Excellence. During the Spring and Summer of 2013, Arne worked as a field research assistant, collecting and organizing forest biomass data in the State of Maryland for verification in a LiDAR study housed in the University of Maryland's Department of Geographical Sciences. Currently, Arne is earning a Master of Energy Regulation and Law (MERL) and working for the Institute's Woody Biomass research team.
Oldhamhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=464OldhamMERL Candidate 2016<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Oldham_Brandon.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Brandon OldhamGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Oldham, BrandonWith a deep passion for the transformation of the transportation sector and accelerating the market for renewable energy and storage solutions, Brandon Oldham comes to the Institute for Energy and the Environment as a Daniels Scholar who graduated from the University of San Francisco (USF) Cum Laude with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a Politics minor. As a Martín-Baró Scholar Brandon was immersed into a yearlong living-learning community where he was introduced to service-learning through a mixed curriculum that examined issues of poverty, social justice, and diversity. From there Brandon worked as an Advocate for Community Engagement with the Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good, where he served as a mediator between service-learning students, their professors, and the non-profit (Quesada Gardens Initiative) they performed service with. These experiences fostered the skills and desire to work with others to come up with solutions to solve the big problems of the world, including energy.
Quinlanhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=546QuinlanResearch Associate<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Quinlan_Amanda.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Amanda QuinlanGP0|#c16977de-d127-442c-843f-44ae857f1039;L0|#0c16977de-d127-442c-843f-44ae857f1039|Fellow;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Quinlan,AmandaAmanda earned her undergraduate degree at Middlebury College, where she majored in International Studies with a focus on Europe. Upon graduation, she received a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to pursue a Master’s degree in Germany. She earned her Master’s in Political Science at Johann-Wolfgang Goethe Universität in Frankfurt am Main. During her studies in Frankfurt, she received an ERASMUS scholarship to attend IEP Sciences Po Lyon. She interned at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (HSFK) and the Cluster of Excellence “The Formation of Normative Orders.” Her focus was on International Relations, specifically transatlantic relations. Amanda is fluent in several languages and is specifically interested in international diplomacy concerning energy dependency.
Rasmussenhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=450RasmussenJD Candidate 2017<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Rasmussen_Leif.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#27981817-21b8-4cad-834e-6411629898de;L0|#027981817-21b8-4cad-834e-6411629898de|Institute for Energy & The Environment;GTSet|#8ed8c9ea-7052-4c1d-a4d7-b9c10bffea6fLeif Cocq RasmussenGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Rasmussen, Leif CocqMr. Rasmussen has a BA in Commercial Law and Business Administration from the University of Southern Denmark. He is undertaking dual enrolment at Vermont Law School for a JD and at the University of Southern Denmark for a Masters of International Security and Law. Leif has clerked for the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development on financing options for retrofitting public and private buildings to become more energy efficient. Leif has further experience in finance and trade, as a visiting researcher at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School of Economics and interning within the United State Senate. His main interests are in finance and infrastructure security.
Rochehttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=408RocheJD Candidate 2016<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Roche_Matthew%282%29.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Matthew RocheGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Roche,MatthewMatt graduated magna cum laude from Notre Dame College (OH) with a double major in Political Science and History with an emphasis in Pre-Law. During this time, he worked numerous internships. He started with United States Senator Sherrod Brown as a correspondence intern. Shortly after, he entered the Cleveland Foundation program and worked at Cuyahoga Valley National Park on their green team. While at CVNP, he measured greenhouse gas emissions in order to create a reduction plan to allow the park to reach the Climate Friendly Park status. Most recently Matt worked in the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program. While working with the DOE, Matt worked with alternative fueled vehicles, attempted to transform large vehicle fleets, held fuel rallies, and attended the Alternative Clean Transportation Expo in Washington DC. Matt hopes to continue his growth and knowledge in the alternative fuel realm and to gain more energy related experience while doing so.
Sierra Menezhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=477Sierra MenezMERL Candidate 2016<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/SierraMendez_Lyanne%29.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Lyanne Sierra MendezGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Sierra Mendez, LyanneLyanne graduated from Florida International University, cum laude, with a BS in Environmental Studies. During her undergraduate education, she interned at an aquatic ecology lab where she assisted in various projects in Everglades National Park. Upon graduation, she worked as a lab tech and continued to do research in the Everglades; her research interests included predator-prey interactions, non-native species and habitat selection. During this time, she realized her passion lies in protecting natural resources and creating a sustainable future. At VLS, she is pursuing a MERL degree and plans to integrate her science background with law and policy in order to create effective policies to manage and protect natural resources by enhancing the use of renewable energies.
Sloanhttp://portal.vermontlaw.edu/Metacatalogs/Lists/People/DispForm.aspx?ID=451SloanJD/MERL Candidate 2017<img alt="" src="http://www-assets.vermontlaw.edu/Assets/directories/people/Sloan_David.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />David SloanGP0|#680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173;L0|#0680dd031-ffe1-44bd-84ba-135d611a2173|Students;GTSet|#f56df0fa-9bdb-4e22-abac-ddf5f696a71d;GPP|#d56ffc52-3a80-49e2-95fd-f49b2d4639a1Sloan, DavidDavid chose Vermont Law School after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has a BA in geological science, with a concentration in earth systems. At Carolina, David worked as a student researcher in seismology where he analyzed structural data received from Greenland and Indonesia. David aspires to work in energy and climate law helping implement alternative energy technologies. He will graduate along with the class of '17 and is working towards a JD and a Master of Energy Regulation and Law.