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Inauguration of Marc B. Mihaly

Ceremony Regalia

Inaugural Ceremony Regalia


The significance of the school shield is as follows: the circlet from which the swan arises represents the attorney-encompassing Code of Professional Responsibility, with the pearls representing the nine canons of the Code. The swan symbolizes the dignity and strength fostered by the Code and the faithfulness owed to it.




The school's motto, Lex pro urbe et orbe, translates as "Law for the community and the world."

The medallion bearing the school shield, which is worn by the dean, was the gift of the Charter Class at the school's first commencement. The dean, the chief administrative and academic officer of the school, wears the medallion on ceremonial occasions as the visible symbol of the high office and authority and in loving memory of the Charter Class.




The school's mace is the symbol of authority of the Board of Trustees. Its figurehead is the charge on the school shield cast in bronze in three dimensions. The mace is carried in academic processions by a marshal in front of the trustees and rests on the podium during formal ceremonies. The mace was presented to the trustees by Dean Thomas M. Debevoise on June 4, 1976, at the dinner for trustees, faculty, and delegates the night before the first commencement.



plateDean's Plate
The dean's plate is presented to the dean at inauguration on behalf of the Judiciary of the State of Vermont and Vermont Law School. It resides in the dean's office and lists the deans' names and their years of tenure.