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Oposa to serve as Distinguished International Environmental Law Scholar

July 9, 2013

South Royalton, VT—A renowned environmental lawyer from the Philippines who secured the right to litigate on behalf of future generations, Antonio A. Oposa, will serve as a Distinguished International Environmental Law Scholar this summer at Vermont Law School. During his visit, Mr. Oposa will deliver a lecture on "Litigating the Environment" on Tuesday, July 16, 2013, from 4:30PM-6PM in the Yates Common Room in Debevoise Hall.

The lecture will provide Mr. Oposa with an opportunity to share his experiences litigating for environmental causes in the Philippines, including his campaign to curb over-fishing and the use of blasts and cyanide in the Visayan Sea. He will also discuss current effort to compel the Filipino government to divide roads for equal use between motor vehicles and bicycles. Mr. Oposa’s lecture is free and open to the public.

"We are thrilled to have Tony Oposa join the Vermont Law School community this summer," said Stephanie Farrior, Professor of Law and Director of International and Comparative Law Programs at Vermont Law School. "He is known globally for bringing the landmark case Minors Oposa v. Factoran, in which the plaintiffs were his three children, 41 other children, and ‘generations unborn.’ Oposa argued that the devastation caused by widespread logging violated the constitutional protection of a ‘right to a balanced and healthful ecology.’ This case led the Philippine Supreme Court to recognize the principle of intergenerational equity—that the rights and interests of future generations should be taken into account in decisions today—a concept initially developed by Edith Brown Weiss, who was in residence as our Distinguished International Environmental Law Scholar last summer."

Mr. Oposa is the author of two books, The Laws of Nature and Other Stories and A Legal Arsenal for the Philippine Environment. A graduate of University of Philippines College of Law, Mr. Oposa earned an LLM in Environmental Law from Harvard University. He is the president of The Law of Nature Foundation and the recipient of the 2008 International Environmental Law Award from the Center for International Environmental Law.

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