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Marc Mihaly Receives Tenure at Vermont Law School

May 21, 2010

SOUTH ROYALTON, VT -- The Vermont Law School Board of Trustees today granted tenure to Professor Marc Mihaly.

Mihaly is one of the nation's leading environmental law attorneys and an expert in the areas of land use, urban planning, and energy law and policy. He was a visiting distinguished professor of environmental law from public interest practice at VLS in 2004 before joining the faculty full time in 2005. Today, he is associate dean of the environmental law program and director of the Environmental Law Center.

After receiving his JD degree from Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, Mihaly served with the environmental unit of the California Attorney General's Office and with the San Mateo County Legal Aid Society. He co-founded Shute, Mihaly and Weinberger in San Francisco and served as its managing partner for 17 years. His practice included three decades of trial and appellate litigation on behalf of governments and community-based organizations on environmental issues. His work has included the design of sophisticated regulatory regimes to regulate development and to secure public benefits through private development. He advises environmental regulators on government law issues relating to the form and structure of their regulatory programs.

During the past year, Mihaly's teaching included courses in Land Transactions, Finance and Development, and Contracts. He also mentored a number of students and advised others on writing projects and internships.

Mihaly's scholarship over the past year included an article titled, "Citizen Participation in the Making of Environmental Decisions: Evolving Obstacles and Potential Solutions through Partnership with Experts and Agents," which was published in the Pace Environmental Law Journal. Another article, titled "Recovery of a Lost Decade (or Is It Three?): Developing the Capacity in Government Necessary to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Administer Energy Markets," is to be published by the Oregon Law Review.

Mihaly's service to VLS during the past year included directing the ELC, which continues to be the top-ranked environmental law school in the nation, according U.S.News and World Report. He continues to work with the environmental faculty to revise the summer curriculum. He led the hiring of a faculty director of distance learning and plans to launch a distance learning MELP degree program. He plans to create a new capstone advanced course in the energy curriculum and has begun a review of how VLS can integrate specialization into the environmental curriculum. He completed arrangements for a dual MELP degree program with Northeastern Law School and is looking into a possible joint LLM in Real Estate and Environmental Law with New York Law School. He also supported the expansion of the Institute for Energy and the Environment and the U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law. He worked with the Land Use Institute to create a Land Use Law and Policy Clinic. He also continued plans to launch a curriculum focused on the law of sustainable food systems, which would the first such program in the nation.

Mihaly recruited Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board, to give the annual Norman Williams Lecture and helped VJEL to develop its annual symposium. He moderated or appeared on several other conference panels. He is helping to plan VLS's first annual fall environmental scholarship conference and is working with the International Law Society and the newly organized agriculture student group to develop the topics, keynote and panels for a conference on food and agriculture issues.

John Cramer, Associate Director of Media Relations

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