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Week of July 18

July 25, 2011

  • The Associated Press reported July 22 that the U.S. Justice Department filed a brief in support of Dee Jones '12, a blind VLS student suing for special accommodations to take a legal ethics exam.
  • The New York Times, whose story was picked up by Folha (Brazil's largest daily newspaper) and other media, spoke with Professor Greg Johnson on July 19 about a a lesbian couple suing a Vermont inn, claiming it refused to host their fall wedding reception because of their sexual orientation.
  • The Associated Press, whose story ran July 19-20 in the Huffington Post, Sports Illustrated, MSN Fox Sports, Yahoo! News, Toronto Globe and Mail and other media, spoke with Professor Michael McCann about an NFL player suing Champion sports apparel maker for dropping his endorsement deal over his controversial tweets.
  • Vermont Public Radio talked to professors Pat Parenteau and Michael Dworkin on July 19 and July 20 about a federal judge's refusal to grant an injunction to permit the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant to continue operating beyond March 2012 pending the outcome of a trial.
  • The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists interviewed Professor Gus Speth on July 19 about the root causes of environmental problem and the need for a post-growth society in which renewable energy plays an important role, but the emphasis is on improved efficiency.
  • The Burlington Free Press talked to Professor Cheryl Hanna on July 18 about a Vermont Supreme Court ruling that supported keeping search warrant materials sealed in connection with a Essex Junction couple who went missing last month.
  • Law360 talked to Assistant Professor Sheryl Dickey on July 18 about a federal circuit court panel's dismissal of a citizen claims against Omya, Inc., over alleged water contamination from a calcium carbonate mineral processing facility.
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