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Cheryl Hanna

Photo of Cheryl Hanna
Vice President for External Relations and Professor of Law

JD, Harvard University, 1992;
BA, Kalamazoo College, 1988

Phone: 802-831-1282

In the News

  • The Burlington Free Press spoke with Professor Cheryl Hanna in January 2008 about the murder trial of Brian Rooney. Professor Hanna is quoted in two articles on the case.
  • Professor Cheryl Hanna offered VPR listeners a personal account of how she reacted to a stranger's knock at the front door, in light of recent high-profile murder cases.
  • Professor Hanna spoke with the Associated Press about the use of the insanity plea in the upcoming murder trial of a Canadian woman charged in the drowning death of her son. Her comments appeared in the Canadian press as well.
  • Professor Hanna was the featured guest on the January 19, 2008 edition of the Mark Johnson Show on WDEV radio, discussing Vermont murder cases.
  • Professor Cheryl Hanna spoke with VPR's Vermont Edition about a case that is on its way to the US Supreme Court. In Wyeth v. Levine, a claim arose from the administration of an anti-nausea drug that led to the amputation of Ms. Levine's right arm.
  • Professor Hanna was the M.C. at the 3rd Annual HPV Cervical Cancer Dinner on February 13, 2008. The event was geared toward legislators and policy makers, and included speakers from the National Education Association, as well as Vermont policy makers and those working in this field. Attendees included Vermont girl scouts working on the new cervical cancer education badge, school nurses from many parts of the state, and labor union members eager to learn about the national campaign to prevent this preventable disease.
  • Professor Cheryl Hanna was interviewed by WCAX, Channel 3, for a February 22, 2008 segment about a young woman who is showing a miraculous recovery after being shot in the head, and her plans to testify against a former boyfriend who stands accused of shooting her.
  • Professor Hanna and Professor Michael Mello weighed in on the decision by police in South Burlington to charge student athletes who were shown drinking alcohol in photos that appeared in Facebook. Professor Hanna interviewed with WPTZ.  Professor Mello had comments in the Burlington Free Press.
  • Professor Hanna has been a commentator for Vermont Public Radio since 1998. She has written hundreds of commentaries. The most recent commentaries are available at: