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Craig M. Pease

Professor of Science and Law

PhD, University of Chicago, 1985;
MS, University of California, Los Angeles, 1981;
BA, University of California, Los Angeles, 1977

Phone: 802-831-1307


Environmental Forum Science and the Law Column

The Environmental Forum is a publication of the Environmental Law Institute.

Book and Chapters

With J. A. Grzybowski, "Comparing the Relative Effects of Nest Predation and Brood Parasitism on Seasonal Fecundity in Passerine Birds," Ecology and Management of Cowbirds and Their Hosts: Studies in the Conservation of North American Passerine Birds 145 J. N. Smith et al., eds. 2000).

"Comparing the Relative Effects of Nest Predation and Brood Parasitism on Seasonal Fecundity in Passerine Birds," Austin Cowbird Symposium (U. Texas Press 2000).

With D. J. Mattson et al., "Designing and managing protected areas for grizzly bears: How much is enough?," in National Parks and Protected Areas: Their Role in Environmental Protection 133 (R. G. Wright ed., Blackwell Science 1996).


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Reports, Letters and Book Reviews

  • With J. A. Grzybowski, Cowbirds: Villains or Scapegoats?, 31 Birding 448 (1999).
  • With J. Grzybowski, Protecting Biodiversity in Texas, 5 Conservation Biology 7 (1991).
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