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Hilary Catherine Robinson

Photo of Hilary Robinson
Adjunct Faculty

JD, Harvard Law School, 2006;
AB, Harvard University, 2003

Phone: 240-643-6022



"Race, Genetics, and Forensic Analysis." Abstract published at "The Business of Race" conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, March 30-31, 2007.

"Untitled Admission Essay." 55 Successful Harvard Law School Application Essays. Ed. Harvard Crimson. New York: St. Martin's Press, 2007.

"Letter to the Editor." Boston Globe. April 1, 2006. Responding to "A Man's Right to Choose (Ideas, March 26) and "German War Children's Search for their American GI Fathers" (Page A1, March 26).

"Letter to the Editor." New York Times. April 17, 2006. Responding to "Can a DNA Test Give You an Edge" (Page A1, April 12).

"Coverage of Homeless Woman's Plight Unfair." Letter to the Editors. Harvard Crimson. December 2, 2002. Responding to "Harvard Grad Prepares to Leave Home on the Street" (News, November 15).

"Biotechnology in South Africa: 2001." Unclassified Cable, U.S. Department of State. Pretoria, South Africa: Economic Section, U.S. Embassy, September 2001. Juma, C., et. al. "Global Governance of Technology: Meeting the Needs of Developing Countries." International Journal of Technology Management. Vol. 22, Nos. 7/8. Geneva: Inderscience Enterprises, Ltd. pp. 629-655.

Internet Policy Institute. Briefing the President: What the Next President of the United States Needs to Know About the Internet and its Transformative Impact on Society. Washington: Internet Policy Institute, 2001.

"Questions of Rejected Motherhood: Male Creation, Ambition, and Solitude in Mary Shelly's Frankenstein." Exposé. Cambridge: Harvard University, 2000.

Legal Subject Memos

"Standing to Recover a Subsidiary's Lost Profits as Damages for Patent Infringement Under Internal Licensing Arrangement Involving Parent Company, IP Holding Company, and Manufacturer" (2005)

"Analysis of Whether Institution is Obligated to License Rights or Assign Title to Subject Invention to Departing Inventor Under Bayh-Dole Act" (2005)

"Texas Merger Statute" (2005)