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Kenneth R. Kreiling

Professor Emeritus of Law

LLM, Harvard University, 1976;
JD, University of Wisconsin, 1966;
MA, University of Wisconsin, 1967;
AB, Marquette University, 1963

Phone: 802-831-1286


  • Presentation to National Academy of Science with regard to Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence III, 2009
  • "Lessons from DNA and Other Biological Forensic Evidence," Law and Biology seminar for federal judges, Dartmouth College, 1996.
  • "DNA Profile Evidence: Problems with Estimations of Probability of a Random Match," International Conference on Reform of Evidence Law, Vancouver, Canada, 1992.
  • Various Vermont and federal judicial education seminars.
  • Presentations for continuing legal education seminars on employment discrimination and various evidence topics, especially scientific and expert evidence.
  • Presentations to Boards of Legal Education in Singapore and Malaysia on Supervision of young lawyers, 1983 - 1984