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Martha L. Judy

Professor of Law

JD, Yale University, 1989;
BSF, Purdue University, 1981

Phone: 802-831-1345


Book and Chapters

  • Martha L. Judy & O. Thomas Armstrong, Jr., Chapter 3: Cost Recovery under CERCLA:
    The Impact of Aviall and Atlantic Research on Voluntary Cleanups in the forthcoming
    CONTAMINATED PROPERTY, edited by Todd S. Davis
  • "Negotiation: The Key to Surviving Superfund," in Managing Superfund's Impact: A First-Aid Kit (1993).


  • Coming Full CERCLA: Why Burlington Northern is Not the Sword of
    Damocles for Joint and Several Liabiltiy
    44 NEW ENGLAND LAW REVIEW 249 (2010)
  • Martha L. Judy & Katherine N. Probst, Superfund at 30, 11 VT. J. ENVTL. L. 191, 199
  • Martha L. Judy & Thomas Armstrong, Jr., U.S. v. Atlantic Research: The Supreme Court
    Re-Opens the Road to CERCLA Cost Recovery
    COMMITTEE DAMAGES NEWSL. (Am. Bar Ass'n, Chi., Ill.), July 2008
  • Collaborated with environmental law professors from Lewis and Clark, Boston College,
    University of Michigan, and Pace Law Schools to write a Brief for Amici Curiae Natural
    Resources Defense Council and Several Environmental Law Professors in Support of
    Respondent before the U.S. Supreme Court for U.S. v. Atlantic Research Corporation
    (April 2007)
  • Cooper v. Aviall: A Monkey Wrench in the Cost-Recovery Toolbox or a Second Chance for Section 107(a)(4)(B)?, 26 Andrews Envtl. Litig. Rep. (July 14, 2006).
  • With Anthony Z. Roisman and Daniel Stein, Preserving Justice: Defending Toxic Tort Litigation, XV Fordham Envtl L. Rev. 191 (2004).


  • With William F. Funk, Craig N. Johnston, Nina A. Mendelson, Jeffrey G. Miller, Patrick A. Parenteau, Zygmunt J.B. Plater, and Natural Resources Defense Council, Amici Curiae Brief submitted to U.S. Supreme Court in the case of U.S. v. Atlantic Research Corporation (2007).
  • With David Bridgers, Cleaning Up the Old Springfield Landfill: A Case Study of the Superfund Process (1994). (A report for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) (unpublished manuscript on file with Environmental Law Center, Vermont Law School)
  • Editor, Final Consensus Report Of The National Commission On Superfund (1994). (A report for the National Commission on Superfund by the Environmental Law Center (Vermont Law School) and the Keystone Center, Keystone, CO) (unpublished manuscript, on file with Environmental Law Center, Vermont Law School)