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Melissa Scanlan

Professor Melissa Scanlan
Associate Dean of the Environmental Law Program, Director of the Environmental Law Center, Associate Professor of Law

JD, University of California-Berkeley, 1999;
MS, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California-Berkeley, 1999;
BA, World Politics, Catholic University of America, 1993

Phone: 802-831-1066


Vermont Law School, Eco-Equity: The 2014 Solutions Conference, Invited Panelist, March 28, 2014, "Water Privatization" on the Developing Natural Resources panel

Northeastern University School of Law, Lawyering for the Sustainable City, Invited Panelist, March 21, 2014, Key Challenges to Lawyering for the Sustainable City

Berkeley Law School, The Berkeley Exchange: Celebrating Berkeley’s Contribution to Environmental Law Scholarship, Invited Panelist, February 7, 2014, Putting Environmental Justice at the Center of Environmental Law

Middlebury College, Howard E. Woodin Colloquium Series, Invited Speaker, December 5, 2013, Social Entrepreneurs: Be the Change You Want to See

University of Kansas, Kansas Law Review Symposium, Waters of the United States—Adapting Law for Degradation and Drought, Invited Panelist, November 1, 2013, Adaptive Management and Water Quality Trading: Experimenting with Unlikely Partners.

Vermont Law School Freshwater Working Group Panel Discussion, Invited Speaker, October 18, 2013, Implementing the Public Trust Doctrine with the Great Lakes Trail.

Vermont Law School Colloquium on Environmental Scholarship, Panelist, October 11, 2013, Adaptive Management and Water Quality Trading: Experimenting with Unlikely Partners.

Vermont Law School Water Confab, Invited Speaker, June 7, 2013, Public Access to Beaches.

University of Wisconsin Limnology Seminar, Invited Speaker, March 20, 2013, Implementation of Wisconsin’s Water Laws and Implications for Water Scientists.

DePaul University College of Law, DePaul Law Review Symposium, Invited Speaker, March 1, 2013, Virtual Water and Food Exports in the Great Lakes Region.

Mercer University Law School, Virtual Environmental Law Guest Speaker Series, February 11, 2013, Marginalized Monitoring: Adaptively Managing Urban Stormwater.

Berkeley Law, George Washington University Law School, and Environmental Protection Agency Workshop, Next Generation Environmental Compliance, Invited Speaker, December 11-12, 2012, Technology and New Ways to Seek Compliance.

University of Wisconsin Law School, Invited Panelist, October 6, 2011, Discussion of Common Pool Resource Systems, Featuring and Honoring Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Elinor Ostrom.

University of Minnesota School of Law, Environmental Law Capstone: Brownfields Redevelopment and Litigation, Guest Lecturer, February 1, 2010, Environmental Justice Issues in Urban Land Redevelopment.

Michigan State University College of Law & Institute for Trade in the America’s Conference on The Great Lakes Water Basin, Invited Speaker, December 2, 2006, Privatization and the Great Lakes Compact.

University of Toledo College of Law Conference, Invited Speaker, November 18, 2005, Access to Great Lakes Water Under the Proposed 2001 Agreements.

University of Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, Course on Green Politics, Guest Lecturer, September 28, 2005, Environmental Theory and Practice: Oil and Water?

University of Wisconsin Arrowhead Lecture Series, Invited Lecturer, October 6, 2004, The State of Wisconsin’s Public Trust Doctrine and the Job Creation Act.

Waters of Wisconsin Forum, Invited Speaker, October 22, 2002, Access to Wisconsin Water: The Public Trust Doctrine – Past, Present, and Future.