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Sean Nolon

Photo of Sean Nolon
Professor of Law, Director of Dispute Resolution Program

JD, Pace University School of Law, 1997;
BA, Cornell University, 1992

Phone: 802-831-1376


Books and Chapters

  • Disputing Land with Patrick Field and Ona Ferguson, forthcoming publication of the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy.
  • Dispute Resolution, Environmental. In Klaus Bosselmann, Daniel Fogel, and J.B. Ruhl (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Vol. 3: The Law and Politics of Sustainability, pp. [to come]. Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing


  • Negotiating The Wind: A Framework to Engage Citizens in Siting Wind Turbines. 12 Cardozo J. Conf. Res. 2, 327 (2011). Available on SSRN
  • Advocating for Process: A Framework for Land Use Lawyers, Zoning and Planning Law Report (West), Vol. 33, No.8, Sept. 2010.
  • Lawyer as Process Advocate: The Use of Consensus Committees in Local Land Use Decisions. 27 Pace Env't. L. R. 103 (2009). Available on SSRN
  • The Rise of Collaboration: Reaching Consensus through Concept Committees, New York Zoning Law and Practice Report (West), Vol. 4, No.1, July/August 2003.
  • Before Going to Court, Consider Using Mediators to Negotiate, 26 NYLJ 94 (November 14, 2001).
  • Preserving Our Heritage: Tools to Cultivate Agricultural Preservation in New York State, with Cozata Solloway, 17 Pace L. Rev. 591 (1997).
  • The State of the Argentine Environment: An Overview, 13 Pace Envtl. L. Rev. 615 (1996).


  • Scholarship featured in Probate and Property, magazine of the ABA's Section on Real Property and Probate Law, August 2010. []
  • Devepment and Local Opposition, Live Interview, Vermont Public Radio, July 2010.[]
  • Moving Collaboration Upstream, ACResolution: Expanding the Frontiers of Environmental and Public Policy Conflict Resolution, Summer 2007
  • Collaborative Developments: A Report on Development Approvals Achieved through Collaboration, with Emily Beck. Land Use Law Center, September 2003.
  • Land Use Mediation (Editor), Land Use Law Center, August 2003.
  • How Military Strategy Argues for the Increased Use of Mediators in Land Use Approvals, Newsletter, January 2002.
  • Conducting Conflict Assessments in the Land Use Context: A Manual, with Lawrence Susskind, Merrick Hoben, and Jennifer Thomas-Larmer. Consensus Building Institute & Land Use Law Center (2000). In English and Japanese.