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Steven Letendre

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Letendre holds a master degree in Economics from Binghamton University (formerly SUNY Binghamton) and a doctorate in energy policy from the University of Delaware. Steven is a Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies at Green Mountain College and is the Director of the degree program in ecological design and renewable energy. He also teaches economics in Green Mountain College's sustainable MBA program, which was one of the first of such programs in the nation. His research focuses on the economic value of distributed energy technologies, along with the regulatory and market reforms needed to realize the full value that distributed energy technologies deliver to the electric power grid. With co-author Dr. Willett Kempton, Dr. Letendre published the first full analysis in 1997 exploring the use of electric drive vehicles as potential distributed energy storage devices for electric utilities; the concept has subsequently become known as vehicle to grid (V2G). Steven has worked on numerous funded research projects for various organizations, including California Air Resources Board, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Transportation Research Center at the University of Vermont, Green Mountain Power, Solar Electric Power Association, and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He currently serves as the board treasurer of Renewable Energy Vermont, the state's renewable energy industry association. Dr. Letendre lectures regularly at professional meetings and conferences and has published over 50 technical papers and reports on a range of energy topics. Dr. Letendre will begin teaching an Environmental Economics and Markets course in the summer of 2014, in Vermont Law School's distance learning program.