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Faculty Awards

Professor John Echeverria received an International Municipal Lawyers Association's Amicus Service Award in recognition of his pro bono work on behalf of IMLA, presented at the IMLA Mid-Year Seminar in Washington, D.C, in April 2013.

Professor Stephanie Willbanks has been selected as a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Selection recognizes a lawyer whose professional, public and private career has demonstrated outstanding dedication to the welfare of the community, the traditions of the profession and the maintenance and advancement of the objectives of the American Bar Association. The Fellows of the American Bar Foundation is an honorary organization of lawyers, judges and legal scholars whose public and private careers have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the welfare of their communities and the highest principles of the legal profession. Fellows are nominated by their peers (the other Vermont ABF Fellows). Read more about the ABF.

Professor Cheryl Hanna received the Vermont Women in Higher Education's 2010 Sister Elizabeth Candon Distinguished Service Award. The award is presented to a woman who has shown evidence of promoting and working toward the advancement of women in higher education and involvement at the national, regional, state and local levels in related activities. Based on the nominations of Hanna's VLS colleagues, VLS Dean Jeff Shields and former Southern Vermont College President Barbara Sirvis, the VWHE committee selected Hanna for the award because of her combination of women's related activities, public service, media commentary and professional service. Read more about the VWHE award.

Two of Professor Pamela Stephens' articles recently made the SSRN's Top Ten Download lists: "Applying Human Rights Norms to Climate Change: The Elusive Remedy" in the Climate Change Law & Policy eJournal, and "The Right to Reproduce and International Law" in the Reproductive Justice, Law & Policy eJournal.

Professor Anthony Renzo's paper, "Making a Burlesque of the Constitution: Military Trials of Civilians in the War Against Terrorism," recently made the SSRN's Top Ten Download List. Read the abstract.