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Educating Digital Lawyers: Prof. Goodenough Op-Ed in Huffington Post

January 17, 2012

In a recent op-ed titled "Educating Digital Lawyers" in The Huffington Post, Vermont Law School Professor Oliver Goodenough discussed how law schools may adapt to the changing needs of the legal profession.Image of Oliver Goodenough

"The information, communication and processing innovations that we bundle under the 'digital' label are, like cheap printing before it, creating a wealth of new possibilities for how we can define, deliver and teach that set of rules and enforcement mechanisms we call law," Goodenough wrote. "While specific prediction about what the new world will look like is hard, the general prediction that we are entering into a period of extensive change seems trivially obvious. What is less obvious is whether the members of the AALS will lead the charge or get dragged, moaning and pontificating, into a new age of legal education. As workers across many fields of our evolving economy know, restructuring is painful. Creative destruction often comes at the expense of those most competent in the old system."

Read the article.

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