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Prof. Czarnezki's New Book Promotes "Everyday Environmentalism"

March 3, 2011

Prof. Jason Czarnezki's inspiring new book, "Everyday Environmentalism: Law, Nature, and Individual Behavior," addresses the small choices that individuals can make to have a positive effect on the natural world. It also suggests how lawmakers and government administrators at all levels, from local to national, can act to make a real difference. Czarnezki begins his book with a compelling description of the historical and contemporary forces in the U.S. that have led to a culture of "convenience, consumerism, and consumption." He then investigates the individual decisions that have the worst environmental impacts, particularly our household carbon "footprints" and our personal waste production. He also scrutinizes the ecological costs of our food choices and the environmental costs of urban and suburban sprawl. Finally, he examines the loss of biodiversity that results in part from our individual choices. The book is published by Island Press, which was established in 1984 to stimulate, shape, and communicate the ideas that are essential for solving environmental problems. Read more.
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