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Prof. Wroth Proposes Solutions for Solving Lake Champlain's Environmental Problems

February 2, 2012

Image of Kinvin WrothIn a recent paper in the Journal of Great Lakes Research,  Vermont Law School Professor Kinvin Wroth summarizes the legal provisions that apply to Lake Champlain's environment to provide a starting point for comparative analysis that will facilitate coordinated transboundary solutions to the environmental problems of the Lake Champlain Basin and that may be applicable to other shared international and interstate/provincial waters.

Lake Champlain is governed by six legal regimes with historic differences, and the United States and Canada allocate power differently between governmental levels and branches.  As a result, environmental regulation differs between the countries. Bi-national efforts against phosphorus pollution have been impeded by the differences, so comparative legal analysis is a basis for a cooperative approach to such problems, Wroth wrote.

Read the paper.

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