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VT Law School Experts Read "Legal Tea Leaves" While Awaiting Vermont Yankee Ruling

September 21, 2011

Image of Vermont YankeeVermont Law School professors Pat Parenteau, Cheryl Hanna and Don Kreis have been busy recently reading the "legal tea leaves" while awaiting a federal judge's decision in the trial over the controversial Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.

The professors have filed new commentaries in VLS's popular Vermont Yankee faculty blog about the questions and potential answers being contemplated by U.S. District Court Judge J. Garvan Murtha.

The future of nuclear power nationally could be influenced by the outcome of the lawsuit, which is why it is being watched so closely nationwide. Entergy's lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of Vermont's law giving the state Legislature veto power over the reactor's operation, as well as the right of any state utility commission nationwide to determine whether nuclear power should be part of a mix of electricity generation produced within the state.

Read VLS's Vermont Yankee faculty commentary blog.

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