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Vermont Law School Faculty Leadership in The Association of American Law Schools

February 5, 2010

Vermont Law School faculty members continue to provide leadership within The Association of American Law Schools.

Jason Czarnezki is the new Treasurer of the Section on Natural Resources Law.

Tim Duane has joined the Executive Committee of the Section on Environmental Law.

Stephen Dycus was elected this year to be Secretary of the Section on National Security Law. He also served as chair of this section 2003-05.

Stephanie Farrior was elected this year to the Executive Committee of the Section on International Law, this time as Treasurer. She was also identified as one of the "Two Future Key Leaders" of the Section on International Law to be invited to the AALS Meeting of Section Officers.

Jackie Gardina was appointed, by the AALS President, to the Government Relations Committee. Professor Gardina is also on the Executive Committee of the Section on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues. She chaired the Mid-Year Professional Development Committee for that Section. The Committee's proposal "Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and the Evolving American Family" was chosen by the AALS Executive Committee to be the AALS plenary session on the first day of the January 2011 Annual Meeting.

Oliver Goodenough is on the Executive Committee for the new Section on Biolaw. He was a presenter this year for that section.

Cheryl Hanna has presented at AALS New Law Teacher's Conference for six of the last nine years.

Michael McCann is a member of the Executive Committee of the Section on Law and Sports. He also served as chair of this section in 2008.

Philip Meyer has given eight presentations at the AALS Annual Meeting during the past 14 years, including a mini-workshop on Narrative and the Law (with Jim Elkins) and presentations for various sections: Law and Humanities (two times), Clinical and Legal Writing sections combined (one time), and the Legal Writing section (four times). Professor Meyer has also organized and edited papers from four of the panels that were published as law review symposia. He is Past Chair of the AALS Section on Law and Humanities and continues to serve as a member of the Executive Committee of this section.

Linda Smiddy has been an invited (by the AALS Executive Board) member of the AALS Committee on International Cooperation for the past three years. (The Committee was formed to advise AALS and its executive director on how AALS can support law school international programs.)

Joan Vogel will be a panelist on Admiralty at the next AALS meeting discussing the influence of admiralty law on tort law. She is also a member of the AALS Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure until 2012.

Stephanie Willbanks presented at the AALS Site Inspector's Workshop and served on the Membership Review Committee in 2006. She also served as the AALS Reporter on the ABA/AALS inspection of Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law in 2010.

Kinvin Wroth cofounded the Section on North American Cooperation, which he chaired in 1983-84, 1991, 1994, and 2007; and Council, 2008, 2009. Professor Wroth served as Chair of the Committee on Government Relations in 2007-08. He was a member of the joint ABA/AALS site inspection teams: University of Toledo College of Law, 2007 (AALS Reporter); Washburn University School of Law, 2008 (Chair); Northern Illinois University College of Law, 2010 (AALS Reporter). He as also served on the AALS House of Representatives as a VLS representative or alternate, 2005-10.

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