​The Institute's Services

On a project-by-project basis, Vermont Law School's Environmental Tax Policy Institute will conduct research on a wide range of environmental tax issues. Potential projects could include:

  • the application of environmental taxation to specific environmental issues, such as energy consumption, toxic waste, sprawl, water and air quality, and habitat protection;
  • issues involved in the design of sound environmental taxes;
  • constitutional questions raised by the use of environmental taxes;
  • assessments of the extent to which governments in the United States and around the world are using environmental taxes; and
  • the role of environmental taxation compared with other approaches to environmental problems.

The projects may result in publications, white papers, and conferences or workshops. Anyone interested in exploring the potential for a project is invited to contact the Institute.

For More Information

For more information about the Environmental Tax Policy Institute, please contact:

Professor Janet E. Milne, Director
Environmental Tax Policy Institute
Vermont Law School
164 Chelsea Street
South Royalton, VT 05068 U.S.A.