Online Learning

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Earn a degree online with VLS or take courses as a non-degree seeking student


Vermont Law School offers online master's and LLM degrees in environmental law, energy regulation and law, and food and agriculture law and policy. With more than 20 online learning courses covering a wide range of topics including climate change, energy law, environmental law, natural resources law, food and agriculture regulations, and more, students may tailor their degrees to meet their interests. Or they may choose to take courses as non-degree seeking students for continuing education or to transfer to another institution.


As the premier environmental law school in the nation, Vermont Law School offers degree programs and courses to produce leaders who want to change the world. Online students have access to nationally recognized centers, programs, and faculty—with experiential learning opportunities available from a distance.

Online Master's Programs

Vermont Law School offers three online master's programs: the Master of Environmental Law and Policy (MELP), Master of Energy Regulation and Law (MERL), and the Master of Food and Agriculture Law and Policy (MFALP). Instead of studying theories about how policies work, students learn the law and how to use it to effect change.

Online LLM Programs

LLM degrees from Vermont Law School prepare post-JD students to specialize in environmental, energy, or food and agriculture law. The programs are designed to enhance career options, enabling students to make a bigger mark on their communities and their world.


Vermont Law School offers several online courses available for JD credit. Courses cover general environmental topics, including environmental law and natural resources law, as well as specialties in energy law, climate change law and policy, and food and agriculture law.​ Courses are open to both current VLS students and students at other law schools who may wish to incorporate specialized environmental legal training into their programs.​

Duration and Start

Most students pursue the online master's and LLM 30-credit programs on a part-time basis. Students graduate in as few as 18 months of study, taking one accelerated course at a time, but have up to five years to obtain their degree.​ Online learning students may also take courses on campus, including accelerated courses during Vermont Law School's world-renowned Summer Session.​​​​​


To apply to an online degree program, prospective students must complete an application form and submit all official transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, resume, and an application fee.  Learn more about how to apply for an online degree program.

Vermont Law School offers several options to apply as a non-degree seeking student. Students may experience the curriculum without enrolling in a degree program. Learn more about how to apply as a non-degree seeking student​.

Financial Aid

Paying for a graduate education doesn't have to be daunting. Vermont Law School is here to help students navigate the process to make their educational goals achievable. 


Limited scholarships are available to online learning degree program students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement, promise, and financial need. 

Applying For Aid

Vermont Law School's Financial Aid Office​ is available to prospective students to answer questions and assist throughout the process of applying for aid.​​

"The knowledge I gained has allowed me to​ become involved with several wonderful, innovative ideas that I feel will help in the restoration of our contaminated waters as well as to help in re-vegetation of our many abandoned mine sites. Thank you for giving me not just a career but a passion.​"

Janette F. Weaver-Kennedy
online MELP'15