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External K Drive Login

Accessing the VLS Shared folders (aka K drive):

After clicking on the link to the remote access site, you will be presented with a login screen, where you will enter your normal VLS username and password, same as you use every day on your PC.

first login

If you are looking for your K or J drive, simply click the link for "Remote Access to Files", where you will be given another login screen. Here, you will preface your username with vls\.(Example -  If your username is joe, you'll format it as vls\joe.) Use your standard password, same as every day while on campus.
remote access to files graphic

After clicking Remote Access to Files, you will be prompted to log in yet again. This is where the vls\ will be used with your own username:

second login graphic

Once logged in, you will see a number of folder options.

remote file list

For the K drive, choose SHARED. You will see the full list of SHARED folders, but you will only have access to the files and folders that you normally do on campus.

k graphic

Once within your folder, you will be able to open files and folders as normal. The speed of access will vary depending on your own internet connection. Larger files will take a bit longer to open off campus than when on campus.

Navigating around the remote folder list is a little different than the normal Windows explorer, but similar in most ways. Think of it more as a website than as a Windows Explorer session.

nav graphic

For advanced tunnel options (generally not necessary), please contact the Technology department.