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Postini Spam Filter

Activating Postini Spam Filtering

All of our organization's e-mail passes through an antispam/antivirus filter. The basic settings provide quarantining of virus infected messages, and only a very light level of spam filtering. In order to enjoy the full benefits of spam filtering, you must activate your postini account. Here's how to do this:

1. Go to and click message center.

2. Login using the same username and password that you use to log into GroupWise. (It's recommended that you bookmark this page, so you can visit Postini in the future)

3. The login process will take about 30 seconds the first time. At this time, your Postini account is being created, and the default spam filtering settings are put in place.

4. The default settings after you have created your Postini account should be sufficient to prevent any spam from getting through. However you may have a look around and make adjustments to the settings. More information is available from the Postini User's manual.

5. During the first month of using Postini, you are advised to check your quarantine on at least a weekly basis.

Postini will inevitably block a few messages from some people (especially some from hotmail, yahoo, and some other anonymous mail provider accounts). When you view such messages your quarantine, you should choose to add the sender to the accepted sender list.