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Ingeniux CMS

Basic Instructions for editing VLS website pages

1. Open Internet Explorer, and go to

2. Log in using your VLS username and password.

3. The Ingeniux content management system will appear. Click the "Site" tab at the top of the left column; this will display the Content Store folder, under which you will find pages and folders for all the VLS websites.

4. Navigate to the section of the website that contains your pages by clicking the + next to a folder or page. When you get to the pages you want to edit, click on one, and the right column will display the editing windows for that page. You can now add whatever content you want to this page. (If the inside of the "Body Content" box is white, not grayed out, you can edit. If all is gray, try clicking the "check out" button, or click "assign to" and choose yourself from the list. If neither of these fixes works, contact Lori Dubreuil at and she will reassign the page to you.)

5. To add a link, go to the Body Content box and type the text for the link you want to add, such as "Travel Reimbursement Form," then click on the little chain-link icon. Copy and paste the address for the document you want to link to (it would be best to open that page in another browser and copy the URL from there).

6. When you have finished editing, click the "Save" button, then click the "Advance in Workflow" button, click OK, and then choose the next recipient of the page from the list that will appear.  This will assign the page to that person, and send them an email notification.  If you can't advance the page, send an email - with the xIDs for the pages you have finished updating - to

7. When you have finished working in Ingeniux, click "Sign Out" in the top menu, then close the browser window to exit.  (Please DO sign out at the end of the day, as we often perform maintenance on the system after hours, and can't do that if users are still logged in.)

8. Call extension 1352 or email if you have questions/problems.

Uploading Documents and Linking Them on a Page

Here are the instructions for uploading and linking a document in the cms:

1. open a page that's assigned to you in Ingeniux

2. type a description for your file, or other link text, e.g., "click to open document a;" highlight the description

3. click the hyperlink (chain links) icon

4. click the "document" radio button

5. click the "browse" icon (blue box with red squiggles)

5. click the "upload" icon (green globe w/ arrow)

6. in the left column, find the folder that corresponds to your website section (e.g., Career Services, DistanceLearning, Communications) under Documents - and click on it.

7. select a document from the right column by clicking on it, then clicking OK.

8. or, click the "upload" button to locate a file on your computer to upload. click "Select File to Upload," find the file on your computer, then click Upload, then OK.

9. click the "upload" button, then click "OK"

10. you should now be back in the hyperlink box. in the "target" field, choose "open in new window (_blank)"

11. click insert. the file has now been uploaded and linked to your descriptive text.

12. save the page and advance for editing, publishing, etc.

For more detailed instructions, with screen shots, click here.